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  1. Medical Ethics (National Library of Medicine)  
    ... have an ethical aspect. For example, there are ethical issues relating to : End of life care: Should a patient receive nutrition? What about advance directives and resuscitation orders? Abortion: When does life begin? Is it ethical to terminate a pregnancy with a birth defect? ...
  2. Alzheimer's: Glossary (Alzheimer's Association)  
    Alzheimer's Disease/Reference Desk ... Alzheimer's Disease ... Lewy Body Dementia/Reference Desk ... Lewy Body Dementia ... Alzheimer's Caregivers/Reference Desk ... Alzheimer's ...
  3. End of Life Care (AGS Foundation for Health in Aging)  
    Medical Ethics
  4. Organ Transplantation (Hastings Center)  
    Medical Ethics/Learn More ... Medical Ethics ... Hastings Center
  5. End of Life Issues/Related Issues ... End of Life Issues ... Talking With Your Doctor/Related Issues ... Talking With Your Doctor ... American College of Physicians ... PDF
  6. Making Medical Decisions for a Loved One at the End of Life (American College of Physicians) - PDF  
    Advance Directives/Related Issues ... Advance Directives ... American College of Physicians ... PDF
  7. If you are near the end of your life or you have an illness that will not improve, you can choose whether you want CPR to be done. If you ...
  8. How to Talk about End-of-Life Decisions (American College of Emergency Physicians)  
    Senior care, End of life planning
  9. ... Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier; 2023:chap e6. Lee BC. End-of-life issues. In: Ballweg R, Brown D, Vetrosky DT, ...
  10. End of Life (Supporting a Terminally Ill Loved One) (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)  
    Hospice Care/Start Here ... Hospice Care ... End of Life Issues/Start Here ... End of Life Issues ... Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
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