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Results 1 - 10 of 116 for Uterine hypoplasia
  1. Sonohysterography Video (American College of Radiology) (Radiological Society of North America)  
    ... vaginal bleeding that may be the result of uterine abnormalities such as: polyps fibroids endometrial adhesions (or scarring) ... congenital defects Sonohysterography is also used to investigate uterine abnormalities in patients who experience infertility or multiple miscarriages. ...
  2. ... cervix. This leads to swelling and pain. All uterine abnormalities can lead to fertility issues. Vaginal problems: A ... part or all of the internal reproductive organs (uterus, cervix, ... Other abnormalities include having 2 vaginas or a vagina that ...
  3. What Causes Menstrual Irregularities? From the National Institutes of Health (Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)  
    Menstruation/Specifics ... Menstruation ... Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development ... From the National Institutes of Health
  4. Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy: A Guide for Patients (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) - PDF  
    Female Infertility/Diagnosis and Tests ... Female Infertility ... American Society for Reproductive Medicine ... PDF
  5. Pregnancy and Childbirth with Neuromuscular Disease (Muscular Dystrophy Association) - PDF  
    Neuromuscular Disorders/Women ... Neuromuscular Disorders ... Muscular Dystrophy Association ... PDF
  6. Abdominal and Pelvic CT (Computed Tomography) Video (Radiological Society of North America) (American College of Radiology)  
    ... but not limited to some liver, kidney, pancreatic, uterine, or ovarian abnormalities, evaluation and diagnosis with MRI may be preferable ...
  7. Tracking Your Baby's Weight and Measurements (American Academy of Pediatrics)  
    Birth Weight/Start Here ... Birth Weight ... American Academy of Pediatrics
  8. ... organ that nourishes an unborn baby in the uterus. The test looks for abnormalities in the baby's chromosomes. Chromosomes are parts of ...
  9. ... and hyperandrogenism typically have an underdeveloped or absent uterus and may also have abnormalities of other reproductive organs. Women with this condition ...
  10. Diethylstilbestrol (DES) Exposure and Cancer From the National Institutes of Health (National Cancer Institute)  
    Tumors and Pregnancy/Related Issues ... Tumors and Pregnancy ... Cervical Cancer/Related Issues ... Cervical Cancer ... Infertility/Related Issues ... Infertility ... Miscarriage/Related ...
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