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Results 1 - 10 of 48 for Small intestinal stenosis
  1. Pyloric Stenosis (For Parents) (Nemours Foundation)  
    Uncommon Infant and Newborn Problems/Specifics ... Uncommon Infant and Newborn Problems ... Stomach Disorders/Children ... Stomach Disorders ... Nemours Foundation ... pyloric ...
  2. ... of the opening from the stomach into the small intestine. This is called the pylorus. This article describes the condition in infants.
  3. Infant Reflux: Symptoms and Causes (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)  
    Reflux in Infants/Learn More ... Reflux in Infants ... Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
  4. The stomach connects the esophagus to the small intestines The pylorus of the stomach is a small, narrow muscular sphincter through which food passes into the duodenum after it has been partially digested in the stomach.
  5. This lower abdominal x-ray shows narrowing (stenosis) of the end of ... typically affects the large intestine. A solution containing ...
  6. ... noncancerous and grows on the mucus membrane ) Pyloric stenosis (narrowing) Abnormal results in the small intestine may indicate the following problems: Malabsorption syndrome Swelling ...
  7. Images ... A narrowing of the outlet from the stomach to the small intestine (called the pylorus) that occurs in infants.
  8. ... of the lower part of the stomach (pyloric stenosis) or of the upper part of the small intestine (duodenal strictures) and severe constipation. People with Myhre ...
  9. Eosinophilic Disorders Glossary (American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders)  
    To find a specific term or abbreviation, click the starting letter of the term or abbreviation. A - C | D - F | G - I | J - L | M - O | P - R | S - U | V - Z A - C Acid Reflux A condition ...
  10. Definitions of Digestive Terms (International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders)  
    Stomach Disorders/Reference Desk ... Stomach Disorders ... Digestive Diseases/Reference Desk ... Digestive Diseases ... International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders
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