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Results 1 - 2 of 2 for Restrictive dermopathy 1
  1. ... zinc metalloproteinase Ste24 homolog Tests of ZMPSTE24 PubMed RESTRICTIVE DERMOPATHY 1; RSDM1 ZINC METALLOPROTEINASE STE24; ZMPSTE24 NCBI Gene ClinVar ...
  2. ... Tests of LMNA PubMed LAMIN A/C; LMNA RESTRICTIVE DERMOPATHY 1; RSDM1 NCBI Gene ClinVar Bidault G, Vatier C, ... P, Levy N. Lamin A and ZMPSTE24 (FACE-1) defects cause nuclear disorganization and identify restrictive dermopathy as a lethal neonatal laminopathy. Hum Mol Genet. ...