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Results 1 - 10 of 14 for Renal artery obstruction
  1. ... lymph nodes Obstructed inferior vena cava Portal vein obstruction (liver) Blockage or narrowing of the arteries that supply the kidneys Renal vein thrombosis Kidney or liver transplant rejection Cirrhosis ...
  2. Vascular Diseases (National Library of Medicine)  
    What are vascular diseases? Your vascular system is your body's network of blood vessels. It includes your: Arteries, which carry oxygen-rich blood from ...
  3. Renal (Kidney) Scintigraphy (American College of Radiology) (Radiological Society of North America)  
    Nuclear Scans/Specifics ... Nuclear Scans ... American College of Radiology ... Radiological Society of North America ... Current and accurate information for patients about ...
  4. ... angioembolization) Placing a stent Removing blockage or relieving obstruction
  5. Renal Tubular Acidosis From the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases)  
    ... syndrome, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell disease, urinary tract obstruction
  6. Polyarteritis Nodosa (Johns Hopkins Vasculitis Center)  
    Vasculitis/Specifics ... Vasculitis ... Johns Hopkins Vasculitis Center
  7. Urinary Tract Imaging From the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases)  
    Urinary Incontinence/Diagnosis and Tests ... Urinary Incontinence ... Urinary Tract Infections/Diagnosis and Tests ... Urinary Tract Infections ... Ureteral Disorders/Diagnosis ...
  8. ... glomerulonephritis) Loss of body fluids (dehydration) Bladder outlet obstruction Heart failure
  9. ... be due to: Blockage of the bowel (bowel obstruction) Celiac disease Cancer of the pancreas Pancreatitis Pancreatic or bile duct blockage Pancreatic pseudocyst Perforated ulcer Renal failure Salivary gland inflammation This test may also ...
  10. CT Angiography (CTA) Video (American College of Radiology) (Radiological Society of North America)  
    ... look at congenital abnormalities in blood vessels, especially arteries in children (e.g., malformations in the heart or other blood vessels due to congenital heart disease). evaluate stenosis and obstructions of vessels. top of page How should I ...
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