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  1. ... eyebrows, large ears, flattened bridge of the nose, protruding jaw, widely spaced teeth, overgrown gums, and large tongue. The skeletal abnormalities that can occur in this ...
  2. ... of the face (midface hypoplasia), an unusually large tongue (macroglossia), and a protruding chin (prognathism). Affected individuals can also have fewer ...
  3. ... the front rather than downward (anteverted nares), a protruding jaw (prognathism), rolled out (everted) lips, and a large tongue (macroglossia). Affected individuals may have a high birth ...
  4. Associated Autoimmune Diseases (Gluten Intolerance Group)  
    Autoimmune Diseases/Related Issues ... Autoimmune Diseases ... Celiac Disease/Related Issues ... Celiac Disease ... Gluten Intolerance Group