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Results 1 - 3 of 3 for Pili "torti-deafness" syndrome
  1. ... torti, Bjornstad type Pili torti and nerve deafness Pili torti-deafness syndrome Pili torti-sensorineural hearing loss PTD Genetic Testing Registry: Pili torti-deafness syndrome Björnstad syndrome Pili torti National Organization for Rare ...
  2. ... BCS1L gene mutations have been found to cause Björnstad syndrome, a condition characterized by a hair abnormality known ... of normal.Studies show that in people with Björnstad syndrome, complex III produces little or no reactive oxygen ...
  3. Hearing Disorders and Deafness (National Library of Medicine)  
    It's frustrating to be unable to hear well enough to enjoy talking with friends or family. Hearing disorders make it hard, but not impossible, to hear. They ...