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Results 1 - 10 of 151 for Mumps infectious disease
  1. Mumps (National Library of Medicine)  
    Mumps is an illness caused by the mumps virus. It starts with: Fever Headache Muscle aches Tiredness Loss of appetite After that, the salivary glands under ...
  2. Measles (National Library of Medicine)  
    Measles is an infectious disease caused by a virus. It spreads easily from person to person. It causes a blotchy red rash. The rash often starts on the head ...
  3. FastStats: A to Z (National Center for Health Statistics)  
    Health Statistics/Start Here ... Health Statistics ... National Center for Health Statistics
  4. Rubella (National Library of Medicine)  
    Rubella is an infection caused by a virus. It is usually mild with fever and a rash. About half of the people who get rubella do not have symptoms. If you do ...
  5. FastStats: Arthritis (National Center for Health Statistics)  
    Osteoarthritis/Statistics and Research ... Osteoarthritis ... Arthritis/Statistics and Research ... Arthritis ... National Center for Health Statistics
  6. FastStats: Allergies and Hay Fever (National Center for Health Statistics)  
    Allergy/Statistics and Research ... Allergy ... Hay Fever/Statistics and Research ... Hay Fever ... National Center for Health Statistics
  7. FastStats: Mental Health (National Center for Health Statistics)  
    Mental Disorders/Statistics and Research ... Mental Disorders ... National Center for Health Statistics
  8. FastStats: Viral Hepatitis (National Center for Health Statistics)  
    Hepatitis/Statistics and Research ... Hepatitis ... Hepatitis C/Statistics and Research ... Hepatitis C ... Hepatitis B/Statistics and Research ... Hepatitis B ... Hepatitis A/Statistics ...
  9. FastStats: Obesity and Overweight (National Center for Health Statistics)  
    Obesity/Statistics and Research ... Obesity ... Weight Control/Statistics and Research ... Weight Control ... Obesity in Children/Statistics and Research ... Obesity in Children
  10. FastStats: Alzheimer's Disease (National Center for Health Statistics)  
    Alzheimer's Disease/Statistics and Research ... Alzheimer's Disease ... Dementia/Statistics and Research ... Dementia ... National Center for Health Statistics
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