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  1. ... sports creams that can be poisonous are: Menthol Methyl salicylate ... Methyl salicylates and menthol are found in many over-the-counter pain-relieving creams.
  2. Methyl salicylate (oil of wintergreen) is a chemical that smells like wintergreen. It is used in many over- ... muscle ache creams. It is related to aspirin. Methyl salicylate overdose occurs when someone swallows a dangerous amount ...
  3. ... iQ® (as a combination product containing lidocaine, menthol, methyl salicylate, capsaicin)
  4. ... are: Chlorhexidine gluconate Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) Hydrogen peroxide Methyl salicylate ... amounts of alcohol (drunkenness). Swallowing large amounts of methyl salicylate and hydrogen peroxide may also cause serious stomach ...
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  8. ... of the following: aspirin, diuretics ('water pills'), and methyl salicylate (in some muscle rubs such as BenGay). Your ...
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