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Results 1 - 10 of 10 for Lacrimal gland cancer
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    Cancer of the eye is uncommon. It can affect the outer parts of the eye, such as the eyelid, which are made up of muscles, skin and nerves. If the cancer starts ...
  2. ... to have dacryoadenitis may turn out to have cancer of the lacrimal gland.
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  6. Most lacrimal gland tumors will need to be removed with surgery. Cancerous tumors may need other treatment too, such as radiation or chemotherapy.
  7. ... primarily attacks the glands that produce tears (the lacrimal glands) and saliva (the salivary glands), impairing the glands' ... with Sjögren syndrome develop lymphoma, a blood-related cancer that causes tumor formation in the lymph nodes ...
  8. ... be used to rebuild or replace tear-producing lacrimal glands. Since corneal nerves (the nerves connected to the ... just another 1-800 Number. 1-800-4-CANCER Get free information and services and confidential support. ...
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