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  1. ... or diseases Kidney stones Enlarged lymph nodes Obstructed inferior vena cava Portal vein obstruction (liver) Blockage or narrowing of the arteries that ...
  2. ... of the body. Additional blood vessels including the inferior vena cava, which returns blood from the lower part of the body to the heart, may also be involved. Obstruction of blood flow to and from the legs ...
  3. ... to some of these organs, such as the inferior vena cava and aorta, can also be examined with ultrasound. ... pancreas) Spleen enlargement ( splenomegaly ) Portal hypertension Liver tumors Obstruction of bile ducts Cirrhosis
  4. Surgery for Testicular Cancer (American Cancer Society)  
    Testicular Cancer/Treatments and Therapies ... Testicular Cancer ... American Cancer Society ... Surgery is typically the first treatment for testicular cancer. Learn ...