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Results 1 - 10 of 48 for Increased total bilirubin
  1. ... results could be due to a possible blockage: Increased bilirubin level Increased alkaline phosphatase level Increased GGT enzyme level Increased ...
  2. ... Newborn's age (in hours) In severe cases of increased bilirubin, an exchange transfusion may be done instead.
  3. Jaundice and Breastfeeding (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)  
    Common Infant and Newborn Problems/Specifics ... Common Infant and Newborn Problems ... Jaundice/Start Here ... Jaundice ... Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... Most ...
  4. Increased levels of bilirubin in the urine may be due to: Biliary tract disease, including gallstones in the biliary tract ...
  5. Anemia in the Newborn (Merck & Co., Inc.)  
    Uncommon Infant and Newborn Problems/Specifics ... Uncommon Infant and Newborn Problems ... Anemia/Children ... Anemia ... Merck & Co., Inc. ... Anemia in the Newborn - Learn about ...
  6. Infant Jaundice (American Academy of Family Physicians)  
    Jaundice/Start Here ... Jaundice ... American Academy of Family Physicians
  7. ... is not well controlled. There is also an increased risk for a number of birth defects or problems: Congenital heart defects. High bilirubin level (hyperbilirubinemia). Immature lungs. Neonatal polycythemia (more red ...
  8. Developmental Disability Basics (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)  
    Developmental Disabilities/Start Here ... Developmental Disabilities ... Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... Causes and risk factors for developmental disabilities.
  9. Gilbert Syndrome (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)  
    Jaundice/Specifics ... Jaundice ... Liver Diseases/Specifics ... Liver Diseases ... Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
  10. ... shortage of ATP in red blood cells and increased levels of other molecules ... molecule called bilirubin are released when red blood cells are destroyed, ...
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