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  1. Isotretinoin is used to treat severe recalcitrant nodular acne (a certain type of severe acne) that has ... been helped by other treatments, such as antibiotics. Isotretinoin is in a class of medications called retinoids. ...
  2. Birth Defects/Related Issues ... Birth Defects ... Pregnancy and Medicines/Specifics ... Pregnancy and Medicines ... March of Dimes Foundation
  3. Isotretinoin (Accutane) and Pregnancy (Organization of Teratology Information Specialists) - PDF  
    PDF ... Pregnancy and Medicines/Specifics ... Pregnancy and Medicines ... Organization of Teratology Information Specialists
  4. ... acne and scarring may try a medicine called isotretinoin. You will be watched closely when taking this ... its side effects. Pregnant women should NOT take isotretinoin, because it causes severe birth defects. Women taking ...
  5. Index to Drug-Specific Information (Food and Drug Administration)  
    Looking for drug safety info on a specific drug? See FDA’s Index to Drug-Specific Information. The index only includes drugs that have been the subject ...
  6. Pregnancy and Medicines (National Library of Medicine)  
    Not all medicines are safe to take when you are pregnant. Some medicines can harm your baby. That includes over-the-counter or prescription drugs, herbs, ...
  7. Skin Cancer Prevention From the National Institutes of Health (National Cancer Institute)  
    From the National Institutes of Health ... Melanoma/Prevention and Risk Factors ... Melanoma ... Skin Cancer/Prevention and Risk Factors ... Skin Cancer ... National Cancer Institute
  8. Pregnancy Acne: What's the Best Treatment? (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)  
    Acne/Women ... Acne ... Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
  9. Pyogenic Granuloma (VisualDX)  
    Skin Conditions/Images ... Skin Conditions ... Benign Tumors/Images ... Benign Tumors ... VisualDX ... Lobular capillary hemangiomas, also known as pyogenic granulomas, are common, ...
  10. skin~American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) details information about acne. ... acne; teen; zits; pimples; break out; clogged pores; acne treatment; diet and ...
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