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Did you mean hypacusis?
  1. Usher Syndrome From the National Institutes of Health (Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center)  
    Usher Syndrome/Learn More ... Usher Syndrome ... Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center ... From the National Institutes of Health ... Find symptoms and other information ...
  2. ... involving vision or hearing, including sensitivity to sound (hyperacusis), are frequently associated with Williams syndrome. In addition, ...
  3. ... taste Sound that is louder in one ear (hyperacusis)
  4. ... gov/25273878/ . Worral DM, Cosetti MK. Tinnitus and hyperacusis. In: Flint PW, Francis HW, Haughey BH, et ...
  5. Too Loud! For Too Long! (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)  
    Hearing Disorders and Deafness/Statistics and Research ... Hearing Disorders and Deafness ... Noise/Statistics and Research ... Noise ... Centers for Disease Control and ...