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  1. ... but families with affected males have been identified. Hereditary angioedema is estimated to affect 1 in 50,000 people. Type I is the most common, accounting for 85 ...
  2. ... recurrent episodes of swelling seen in individuals with hereditary angioedema type I and type II. More About This Health Condition C1-INH C1IN C1INH C1NH complement component 1 inhibitor IC1_HUMAN plasma protease C1 inhibitor serine/ ...
  3. ... recombinant) is used to treat acute attacks of hereditary angioedema (HAE; an ... produced by the body and that helps control inflammation and swelling.
  4. ... and sacubitril is also used to treat certain types of heart failure in children 1 ... called neprilysin inhibitors. It works to help control blood volume.
  5. ... to treat endometriosis (a condition in which the type of tissue that lines the ... angioedema by increasing the amount of a natural substance in the body.
  6. ... or during your treatment with an estrogen product, hereditary angioedema ... Talk to your doctor about methods of birth control that will work for you.
  7. ... ever had endometriosis (a condition in which the type of tissue that lines ... disease such as exercising and taking vitamin D and/or calcium supplements.
  8. ... bleeding disorder; endometriosis (a condition in which the type of tissue ... person should wash his or her skin with soap and water as soon as possible.
  9. ... problems; unexplained vaginal bleeding; or hepatitis or other types of ... ring at least 4 weeks before and for up to 2 weeks after certain surgeries.
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    Carcinoid Tumors/Specifics ... Carcinoid Tumors ... Carcinoid Cancer Foundation