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Did you mean lowers sign?
  1. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Muscular Dystrophy Association) - PDF  
    Muscular Dystrophy/Specifics ... Muscular Dystrophy ... Muscular Dystrophy Association ... PDF
  2. ... muscle weakness that appears in childhood. The first sign of Laing distal myopathy is usually weakness in ... In most people with Laing distal myopathy, the signs and symptoms of the disorder are limited to ...
  3. Signs and Symptoms of Duchenne (Parent Project for Muscular Dystrophy Research)  
    Muscular Dystrophy/Diagnosis and Tests ... Muscular Dystrophy ... Parent Project for Muscular Dystrophy Research
  4. ... 083766. Epub 2007 Nov 16. Citation on PubMed Gower WA, Nogee LM. Surfactant dysfunction. Paediatr Respir Rev. ...