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  1. ... FIBER SUPPLEMENTS Inulin BEVERAGES Beer Chamomile, chia, dandelion, fennel, and oolong tea Port Rosé wine Sherry Soft ... Diet soda Teas (other than chia, chamomile, dandelion, fennel, and oolong)
  2. ... Cominho Negro, Comino Negro, Cumin Noir, Cyah Dane, Fennel Flower, Fitch, Graine de Nigelle, Graine Noire, Habatul ... Schwarzkummel, Seed of Blessing, Siyah Dane, Shoniz, Small Fennel, Toute Épice, Upakuncika.
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    Food Allergy/Start Here ... Food Allergy ... Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
  4. ... greens with a fried egg Roasted beets with fennel and orange slices Corn and tomato salad Grilled ...
  5. ... certain herbs, such as anise, blessed thistle, and fennel Widening of the milk ducts Intraductal papilloma (benign ...
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    Breastfeeding/Statistics and Research ... Breastfeeding ... National Library of Medicine ... From the National Institutes of Health ... The LactMed® database contains information ...
  7. Eat Healthy: Food Group Gallery (Department of Agriculture)  
    Nutrition/Specifics ... Nutrition ... Department of Agriculture ... The USDA MyPlate Food Group Gallery page shows lists of foods for each of the five food groups. Hyperlinked ...
  8. Galactorrhea (American Academy of Family Physicians)  
    Pituitary Disorders/Specifics ... Pituitary Disorders ... Breast Diseases/Specifics ... Breast Diseases ... American Academy of Family Physicians