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Results 1 - 3 of 3 for Corticosterone methyloxidase type 2 deficiency
  1. ... oxidase deficiency Visser-Cost syndrome Genetic Testing Registry: Corticosterone methyloxidase type 2 deficiency Genetic Testing Registry: Corticosterone 18-monooxygenase deficiency Hypoaldosteronism ...
  2. ... At least 30 CYP11B2 gene mutations that cause corticosterone methyloxidase deficiency (also known as aldosterone synthase deficiency) have been ... J Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone Syst. 2015 Jun;16(2):382-8. doi: 10.1177/1470320313492362. Epub 2013 Jun 7. Citation on PubMed
  3. Adrenal Gland Disorders (National Library of Medicine)  
    What are adrenal glands? Your adrenal glands are two small organs that sit on top of each kidney. The adrenal glands make different types of hormones ...