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Results 1 - 4 of 4 for Autosomal recessive spinocerebellar ataxia 11
  1. ... JT, van de Warrenburg BP, Maat-Kievit AJ. Autosomal recessive spinocerebellar ataxia 7 ... 2013 Mar 11. Citation on PubMed
  2. ... with oculomotor apraxia and hypoalbuminemia Genetic Testing Registry: Spinocerebellar ataxia, autosomal recessive, with axonal neuropathy 2 Ataxia-oculomotor apraxia 3 ...
  3. ... mutations. The parents of an individual with an autosomal recessive condition each carry one copy of the mutated gene, but they typically do not show signs and symptoms of the condition. FA FRDA Friedreich spinocerebellar ataxia Friedrich's ataxia Genetic Testing Registry: Friedreich ataxia ...
  4. ... Lonnqvist T, Spelbrink JN, Suomalainen A. Infantile-onset spinocerebellar ataxia and mitochondrial recessive ataxia syndrome are associated with neuronal complex I ...