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Your search for Aconitum Napellus OR Agrostis Gigantea Pollen OR Alfalfa OR Alopecurus Pratensis Pollen OR Ambrosia Artemisiifolia OR Anthoxanthum Odoratum Pollen OR Apis Mellifera OR Aralia Racemosa Root OR Arsenic Cation 3 OR Artemisia Vulgaris Root OR Arundo Pliniana Root OR Avena Sativa Pollen OR Bellis Perennis OR Berberis Vulgaris Root Bark OR Betula Pendula Pollen OR Bromus Secalinus Pollen OR Bryonia Alba Root OR Calcium Sulfide OR Calluna Vulgaris Pollen OR Carbonate Ion OR Chelidonium Majus OR Chloride Ion OR Corylus Americana Pollen OR Crataegus Monogyna Pollen OR Cynosurus Cristatus Pollen OR Cytisus Scoparius Pollen OR Datura Stramonium OR Dianthus Caryophyllus Flower OR Dichromate Ion OR Drosera Rotundifolia OR Dysphania Ambrosioides OR "Echinacea," Unspecified OR Echinochloa "Crus-galli" Pollen OR Elymus Repens Root OR Eupatorium Perfoliatum Flowering Top OR Euphrasia Stricta OR Fagus Sylvatica Pollen OR Festuca Pratensis Pollen OR Fraxinus Excelsior Pollen OR Gelsemium Sempervirens Root OR Goldenseal OR Helianthemum Canadense OR Histamine OR Holcus Lanatus Pollen OR Iodide Ion OR Lachesis Muta Venom OR Ledum Palustre Twig OR Lilium Candidum Flower OR Lolium Perenne Pollen OR Lycopodium Clavatum Spore OR Narcissus Pseudonarcissus OR Onion OR Onosmodium Virginianum Whole OR Phleum Pratense Pollen OR Platanus Orientalis Pollen OR Poa Pratensis Pollen OR Populus Nigra Pollen OR Populus Tremuloides Bark OR Populus Tremuloides Leaf OR Primula Vulgaris OR Pulsatilla Vulgaris OR Quercus Alba Pollen OR Rosa Canina Flower OR Salix Alba Pollen OR Sanguinaria Canadensis Root OR Schoenocaulon Officinale Seed OR Solanum Dulcamara Top OR Solidago Virgaurea Flowering Top OR Taraxacum Officinale OR Trillium Erectum Root OR Ulex Europaeus Flower OR Ulmus Glabra Pollen OR Urtica Urens OR Ustilago Maydis OR Wyethia Helenioides Root OR Xerophyllum Asphodeloides did not return any results.

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