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Results 1 - 10 of 27 for Abnormal cardiac output
  1. Medications for Arrhythmia (American Heart Association)  
    Arrhythmia/Treatments and Therapies ... Arrhythmia ... American Heart Association ... Learn the types of medications used to treat arrhythmias that can help prevent ...
  2. ... bladder. Symptoms may include any of the following: Abnormal heart ... Diarrhea Hoarseness or changing voice Joint pain Weakness
  3. ... for lung crackles, a rapid heart rate, or abnormal heart sounds. The ... output, decreased movement or functioning of the heart, or ...
  4. ... and lethargy Decreased urine output or no urine output General swelling, fluid retention Nausea, vomiting
  5. ... include: Chest pain Inability to concentrate Low urine output Need to urinate at night (in adults)
  6. ... usual Abdominal pain Decreased appetite Fever Low urine output Nausea Thirst Vomiting Note: There may be signs of shock .
  7. ... in the urine Fever Increased or decreased urine output Mental status changes ( drowsiness , confusion , coma ) Nausea , vomiting Rash Swelling of any area of body Weight gain (from retaining fluid)
  8. ... arms, legs, face, or other areas Reduced urine output Seizure Shortness of breath Weakness of the arms, legs, face, or other areas
  9. ... often related to irregular heart rhythms Low urine output
  10. ... may include any of the following: Decreased urine output Rust-colored ... blood in the urine Joint pain Joint stiffness or swelling
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