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  1. All US states have a reportable diseases list. It is the ... US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Reportable ...
  2. Is LASIK for Me? A Patient's Guide to Refractive Surgery (American Academy of Ophthalmology) - PDF  
    Laser Eye Surgery/Start Here ... Laser Eye Surgery ... American Academy of Ophthalmology ... PDF
  3. How to Choose a Doctor You Can Talk to From the National Institutes of Health (National Institute on Aging)  
    Choosing a Doctor or Health Care Service/Start Here ... Choosing a Doctor or Health Care Service ... Choosing a Doctor or Health Care Service/Older Adults ... Choosing ...
  4. Preventing Rejection (United Network for Organ Sharing)  
    Organ Transplantation/Living With ... Organ Transplantation ... Lung Transplantation/Prevention and Risk Factors ... Lung Transplantation ... United Network for Organ Sharing
  5. Ergonomics (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)  
    Occupational Health for Health Care Providers/Related Issues ... Occupational Health for Health Care Providers ... Occupational Safety and Health Administration ...
  6. Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (Gay and Lesbian Medical Association)  
    ... assist a patient in getting an abortion. In cases where a patient has already decided to have an abortion, the proposed rule allows a provider to provide a list of healthcare providers for referral but the list cannot ...
  7. Carcinoid Tumor: Frequently Asked Questions (Carcinoid Cancer Foundation)  
    Carcinoid Tumors/Specifics ... Carcinoid Tumors ... Carcinoid Cancer Foundation
  8. Emergency Meal Planning for Diabetics (National Kidney Foundation)  
    ... if you miss a dialysis session. A grocery list and a three-day meal plan for an emergency are included in this fact sheet. This diet is stricter than your usual diet. This very
  9. Getting a New Liver: Facts about Liver Transplants (American Society of Transplantation) - PDF  
    Liver Transplantation/Start Here ... Liver Transplantation ... American Society of Transplantation ... PDF
  10. Fentanyl Patch Can Be Deadly to Children (Food and Drug Administration)  
    Pain Relievers/Children ... Pain Relievers ... Opioid Misuse and Addiction/Children ... Opioid Misuse and Addiction ... Food and Drug Administration ... FDA is warning that improper ...
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