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  1. Acute Intermittent Porphyria (AIP) (American Porphyria Foundation)  
    Porphyria/Specifics ... Porphyria ... American Porphyria Foundation
  2. ... Haplotype analysis of Norwegian and Swedish patients with acute intermittent porphyria (AIP): Extreme haplotype heterogeneity for the mutation R116W. Dis ...
  3. Porphyria (National Library of Medicine)  
    Porphyrias are a group of genetic disorders caused by problems with how your body makes a substance called heme. Heme is found throughout the body, especially in ...
  4. Porphyria Treatment Options (American Porphyria Foundation)  
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  5. Glucose Effect in Acute Porphyrias (American Porphyria Foundation)  
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