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  1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (National Library of Medicine)  
    Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas that has no odor or color. But it is very dangerous. It ...
  2. Carbon Monoxide (CO) (Environmental Protection Agency)  
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning/Start Here ... Carbon Monoxide Poisoning ... Environmental Protection Agency ... CO, carbon monoxide, gas, combustion, co detector, detector, ...
  3. Carbon Monoxide Safety (United States Fire Administration)  
    Help increase community awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide with these safety messages and free materials from ...
  4. Protecting Children from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (American Academy of Pediatrics)  
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning/Children ... Carbon Monoxide Poisoning ... American Academy of Pediatrics
  5. Carbon Monoxide Hazards from Small Gasoline Powered Engines (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)  
    ... or semi enclosed spaces have been poisoned by carbon monoxide ... carbon, monoxide, co, poison, poisoning, small, engine, gas, gasoline, powered, pressure, washer, Workplace Wellness & Safety
  6. Carbon Monoxide Information Center Video (Consumer Product Safety Commission)  
    ... Education Safety Education Centers Carbon Monoxide Information Center Carbon Monoxide Information Center En Español CO is called the " ... to protect your family from this deadly gas. Carbon monoxide, also known as CO, is called the "Invisible ...
  7. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)  
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Home ... indoors, home, gas, car, garage, carbon monoxide, co, poisoning, prevention, Carbon Monoxide
  8. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning: Prevention Guidance (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)  
    Carbon monoxide (CO), an odorless, colorless gas, which can cause sudden illness and death, is produced any time ... carbon monoxide, co, poisoning, prevention, air pollution, Carbon Monoxide
  9. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that causes thousands of deaths each year in North America. Breathing in carbon monoxide is very dangerous. It is the leading cause ...
  10. CPSC Warns of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with Camping Equipment (Consumer Product Safety Commission) - PDF  
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning/Prevention and Risk Factors ... Carbon Monoxide Poisoning ... PDF ... Consumer Product Safety Commission
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