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  1. Anger is a normal emotion that everyone feels from time to time. But when you feel anger too intensely or too often, it can become ...
  2. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/NIH MedlinePlus Magazine ... Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ... From the National Institutes of Health ... People who experience traumatic ...
  3. Coping with Chronic Illness (National Library of Medicine)  
    ... them. These changes can cause stress, anxiety, and anger. If they do, it is important to seek ...
  4. Anger Management: 10 Tips to Tame Your Temper (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)  
    How to Improve Mental Health/Related Issues ... How to Improve Mental Health ... Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
  5. Coping with Feelings Video (American Heart Association)  
    ... Friendships and support networks take time to develop. Anger Many heart patients feel angry and upset about what's happened to them. But frequent or extreme anger can cause your blood pressure and heart rate ...
  6. Common Parent Reactions to the NICU (American Academy of Pediatrics)  
    NICU~ preemie~ sick newborn~ premature~ fear~ anger~ guilt~ parenting~ overwhelmed~ early delivery~ overwhelming~ unsuccessful pregnancy~ losing a baby~ loss~ comfort~ powerless~ helpless~ dealing with emotions~ healing~ parent reactions
  7. Coping When You're Newly Diagnosed (Pulmonary Hypertension Association)  
    Pulmonary Hypertension/Living With ... Pulmonary Hypertension ... Pulmonary Hypertension Association
  8. Feelings and Cancer Easy-to-Read From the National Institutes of Health (National Cancer Institute)  
    ... and manage the emotional effects of cancer, including anger, fear, stress, and depression.
  9. Sexual Assault against Females (National Center for PTSD)  
    Sexual Assault/Specifics ... Sexual Assault ... Sex abuse,sex,assault,criminal,partner violence,domestic violence,National Crime Victimization Survey,unwanted touching, ...
  10. Mental Health and HIV (Department of Veterans Affairs)  
    Living with HIV/AIDS/Living With ... Living with HIV/AIDS ... Department of Veterans Affairs ... H.I.V., mental health, coping, mind, emotion ... Information on coping and ...
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