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  1. Rare Diseases and Related Terms From the National Institutes of Health (Office of Rare Diseases)  
    ... See Vici syndrome * Absent enamel, nephrocalcinosis and apparently normal ... 2-5 with nail dysplasia - See Brachydactyly type A5 * Absent nails and ...
  2. Genetics Home Reference: Dyskeratosis congenita From the National Institutes of Health (National Library of Medicine)  
    ... adulthood. While most people with dyskeratosis congenita have normal ... severe variant called Revesz syndrome involves abnormalities in the light- ...
  3. Guillian-Barré Syndrome: A Handbook for Caregivers (GBS/CIDP Foundation International) - PDF  
    Guillain-Barré Syndrome, CIDP and Variants A Handbook For Caregivers A Guide For Relatives & Friends A publication of the GBS/CIDP Foundation International About The Author Helen ...
  4. Eating Disorders: About More Than Food Easy-to-Read From the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Mental Health)  
    ... bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder, and their variants, all feature serious disturbances in eating behavior and ... the bones (osteopenia or osteoporosis) Brittle hair and nails Dry and yellowish skin Growth of fine hair ...
  5. About PF (Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation)  
    ... of the flesh under the fingernails, causing the nails to curve downward. It is not specific to ... oxygen, the blood is called “100% saturated.” A normal saturation level is between 95% - 100% when the ...
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