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  1. Impetigo (Nemours Foundation)  
    ... has been coated with honey or brown sugar. Bullous impetigo is nearly always caused by S. aureus , which releases ... the skin (and especially if it's the non-bullous form), impetigo usually is treated with antibiotic ointment. But if ...
  2. Impetigo (American Osteopathic College of Dermatology)  
    ... The most common form of impetigo is called bullous (blistering) impetigo and derives its name from the initial presentation ... crusted” scab. Another form known as nonbullous (nonblistering) impetigo ... as a cut or insect bite allows the bacteria to enter otherwise intact skin. ...
  3. Bedbugs: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcome (American Academy of Dermatology)  
    ... 126:2364-2366. Liebold K et al. “Disseminated bullous eruption with systemic reaction caused by Cimex lectularius.” J Euro Acad of ...
  4. JAMA Patient Page: Bed Bugs (American Medical Association) - PDF  
    ... bed bug bite can cause a complex skin reaction that results in urticaria (inflammation and swelling of the skin) at the site of the bite. This may evolve into a more widespread bullous (fluid-filled bump) rash over the subsequent days ...
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