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  1. Lyell's syndrome; Stevens-Johnson syndrome; Erythema multiforme minor; Erythema multiforme major ... inflammatory drugs have caused very rare cases of Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Erythema multiforme occurs mostly in children and young adults.
  2. Facts about the Cornea and Corneal Disease From the National Institutes of Health (National Eye Institute)  
    ... Read more about refractive errors . Stevens-Johnson Syndrome . Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS), also called erythema multiforme major, is a disorder of the skin that ...
  3. Drug Reactions (National Library of Medicine)  
    Most of the time, medicines make our lives better. They reduce aches and pains, fight infections, and control problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes. ...
  4. Skin Conditions (National Library of Medicine)  
    Your skin is your body's largest organ. It covers and protects your body. Your skin Holds body fluids in, preventing dehydration Keeps harmful microbes out, ...
  5. ... include fever, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and kidney damage. Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) is a rare but life-threatening hypersensitivity ... Medications From the National Institutes of Health: MedlinePlus/Erythema multiforme
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