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  1. ... Familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome 2 Genetic Testing Registry: Familial cold urticaria You might also find information on the diagnosis ... syndrome? cold hypersensitivity familial cold-induced autoinflammatory syndrome familial cold urticaria FCAS FCU For more information about naming genetic ...
  2. NORD's Patient Assistance Programs (National Organization for Rare Disorders)  
    ... Fax number: 1-203-349-8431 Cryopyrin Associated Periodic Syndromes Contact:1-800-999-6673 x 323 Fax ...
  3. Genetics Home Reference: Muckle-Wells syndrome From the National Institutes of Health (National Library of Medicine)  
    ... appear to arise spontaneously or be triggered by cold, heat, fatigue, or other ... with urticaria AND deafness You might also find information on ...
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