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Results 1 - 5 of 5 for echo with op 1 echo
  1. ... echo techs, will observe the heart function in echo. The first thing we’re going to do is Atiq will expose the groin for heart-lung machine cannulation. You can perform this operation in two ways. One would be on the beating heart and one would be with the stopped heart. Today we’re going to ...
  2. ... to detail, as usual in heart surgery. And one important feature is the ... sure that we are happy with our repair. And should there be any residual ...
  3. ... if catastrophic hemorrhage occurs. I would like to echo that. With the safety of this procedure and this modality ... my experience has been able to be accomplished with very few exceptions. I'd like to echo that for the gynecologic oncologists that in our ...
  4. ... out. So that’s one of the big concerns with it. One of the other things you need to worry ... be a good candidate for the sling. That’s one of the concerns with the sphincter is they have to have good ...
  5. ... this a few times, you can do it with essentially one cut, as we've done here. And we ... standard after cardiac surgery. As I mentioned earlier, one of the important things we look for is bleeding. However, with a good closure that has not turned out ...